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Sorry, solo hippos don't help out solo birds. Not even sure solo hippos help out other solo hippos. Hippos are mean.
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why are you linking to a shop on your tumblr?

WELL, you see, I’m finally seeing my favorite band of all time in June after not being able to see them for eight years and I kind of need the money to pay for the plane ticket to Dublin. My parents are helping out but I don’t want them to pay the full ticket, ja feel? Seeing as they’re paying for the concert ticket as a birthday present.

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do the thing and check out my redbubble shop

there’s both darren criss and frozen things for sale *u*

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year 3000 is indeed a busted song

i was just doing a thing to show dearbhla that people do believe it’s a jonas brothers song

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a question for science

is year 3000 a jonas brothers or busted song?

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the audio on ustv is delayed and i need a new livestream for glee


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shutupvaldez replied to your photo: “Titus turns four today. He is four years old now. Wow.”:
omg i remember when he was jumping in the puddle all tiny


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Going for a neon approach with my new nail polish from Primark.

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Titus turns four today.

He is four years old now. Wow.

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i just tasted beer flavored chocolate for the first time

i got it at the guinness factory in dublin but wow nEVER AGAIN

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